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Jerry Fall Away

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Jerry Fall Away

You need to help Jerry to fly down safely, or the spiked walls will get him smashed. Steer Jerry right and left in order to avoid danger. Simply use arrow keys to navigate him. In order to collect come point you catch as many cheese as you can. On your way down you will stumble upon different objects you need to take car of like: A Yellow star which gives you a 10 seconds boost to collide through walls, A Rapid Mover, which gives you a high speed acceleration to escape between the gaps, only 10 seconds too, and a Protection shield, which protects Jerry from dangers of Plankton. Stay away from the red star, a wind on the way, and a gravity cloud which will all slow you down.

When the game is over if you want to play some more, just hit play again button.

Friday, 23. February 2018

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